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How To Prepare Your Swimming Pool For Spring – 4 Easy Steps

Prepping your pool for the spring is important to make sure it’s ready to go when the weather gets nice.

Even above-ground swimming pools need some preparation before they are ready to swim in.

Taking the time to prepare your pool for warm weather means you’ll be able to spend more time swimming during the season.

While you may not know where to start, prepping your pool for spring is easier than you think.

Step 1: Give Your Pool a Skim and Vacuum

We recommend preparing your pool for warmer weather about one week before you plan on using it. This will give you enough time to clean, test, and adjust your pool water. Even though your pool wasn’t in use, chances are it accumulated some grime.

Skim your pool of debris and make sure to run your vacuum for a full day to clean the bottom of your pool. During this time, clean your pool filter of leaves and give it a rinse with a hose so it’s clean.

Taking these steps will make the chemicals you add more effective because they won’t get clogged up in your pool’s pumps and filtration system. You may also want to shock your pool before cleaning it to get rid of algae that have accumulated during the winter.

Step 2: Test Your Pool’s Water

Once cleaned of debris, it’s time to test the pool water. To make the process easier, you can invest in a pool testing kit that tests various chemicals in your water. A good test kit should be able to determine chlorine, pH, and water hardness.

Getting an idea of where your pool is at will make adjusting your water easier.

Step 3: Adjust Your Water

Once you have a good idea about what chemicals your water needs, you can add them to the water. Make sure your pool’s pump is running when you add chemicals so that they can circulate through the water. Your pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

Your chlorine levels should be 1 to 3 parts per million, and your water hardness should be between 150 parts per million and 400 parts per million.

Step 4:  Clean Your Pool Accessories

The last step for spring pool prep right is to clean your pool accessories. You can do this while you wait for the chemicals to circulate through your pool. If you have a pool cover, it probably got pretty dirty over the winter.

Cleaning your cover now will help you close down your pool in the fall or winter quicker. Your pool cover will also last longer if you take the time to clean it.

If you have other pool accessories like noodles and floats, you can give them a quick clean with a damp rag to remove any dust or grime before they go into your pool.

Taking time to clean your accessories will help your pool stay clean after you went through all the effort of getting it ready.

Pool Maintenance in New York

Ace Swim & Leisure has multiple locations throughout New York. If you have any questions about opening up your pool this spring, come visit our pool supply store. We may even be able to get you some crucial supplies to do so.

For more information on pool maintenance and care, give our blog a look! You can find out how to maintain your pool throughout the season there.

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