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Why You Need an Above-Ground Pool Cover

There’s no sense in taking down your above-ground pool and putting it back up during the cooler months or when you’re not using it, though, which is why you need to have a cover on it. Above-ground pool covers are similar to in-ground covers in a number of ways, and it’s important to cover both types of pools for several different reasons.

They Keep Your Pool Clean

If you don’t cover your above-ground pool, it’s going to get dirt, leaves, and other debris in it. Even if you don’t have any trees nearby, the wind will still blow debris into the water. Not to mention rainwater! Your pool will quickly become very dirty, and it may even be unsafe to swim in if you leave it uncovered for more than a day or two. It also makes it much easier to keep your pool clean since the pool cover will catch all this debris. All you have to do is sweep off the cover or, if you have help, turn it upside down and shake the dirt off.

Pool Covers Provide Safety

Even if you don’t have young children who may try to get into the pool when you’re not there, leaving your pool open can be unsafe for a number of reasons. Other children, or even adults, may try to get into it, plus your pets and other animals may get into the pool and be unable to get out. If you want to keep your pool area safe, cover it when not in use.

Solar Covers Can Save You Energy

While a standard pool cover protects your pool, using solar cover blankets also protects your bank account. That’s because these solar covers reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the pool. This, in turn, reduces the number of chemicals that evaporate. With a solar cover, you don’t have to refill the pool as often or put as many chemicals in it. These covers also trap solar heat in their bubbles and pass that heat down into the water, heating it. You won’t have to use as much power running your pool heaters if you use one of these covers.

It’s a Necessary Part of Winterization

When the summer is over and you won’t be using your pool for a number of months, you should winterize it. This involves cleaning the pool and adding special chemicals to help it remain clean during the winter. You also need to cover the poor to help reduce damage and water contamination while it’s not in use. Without a cover, you’re inviting a number of different issues, including damage to the pool that can be bad enough to make it unusable.

Need Help Picking a Cover?

If you need help selecting a cover or want more information on pool solar covers, contact Ace Swim & Leisure or visit our blog. We have four locations in New York, all staffed with experts who are familiar with many different pool covers and other accessories.

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