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4 Best Backyard Swim Spas In New York, USA – Swim in Style

Have you been looking at your backyard and wondering how you can update it to better serve your lifestyle?

A backyard swim spa may be just what you’re looking for, offering a vast array of benefits and appealing features that are sure to elevate your time at home.

Whether you’re looking for something to add some enjoyable exercise into your daily routine, or dream of keeping your kids entertained and outdoors 365 days a year, swim spas can help.

Curious about what models on the market have stood the test of time and left people raving?

Read on to discover four premium backyard swim spas laced with captivating features that’ll change the way you look at outdoor swimming.

The Appeal of Backyard Swim Spas

Swim spas are the perfect combination of fitness and relaxation, boating toasty warm water, hydrotherapy seats, and powerful swim jets.

That fact alone has made them a coveted backyard addition, but there are plenty of other aspects that have made these modern pools so popular.

backyard swim spas - swim spa on patio near lake during sunset

Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxation, and Improved Recovery

Setting aside as little as 20 minutes each day to spend soaking in the powerful hydrotherapy seats of a swim spa can boast surprising levels of relief.

From easing perpetually tight muscles to easing the pressure your joints are constantly under, swim spas offer an easily accessible way to provide your body with the support it’s craving.

Stress and Anxiety Support

This particular benefit is brought into reality in a few different ways.

First, staying active has been proven to have positive impacts on mental health.

Second, the warmth and gentle compression your body experiences when submerged in perfectly heated water helps release endorphins, those feel-good hormones that can leave you feeling safe, comfortable, and at ease.

Lastly, with a backyard installation, you’ll discover yourself spending more time outdoors surrounded by nature, which has been shown to combat stress.

Family-Friendly Fun Year-Round

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to keep them engaged, especially once the snow starts falling and temperatures plummet.

Swim spas make getting outside fun, and what better way to keep them active in the winter than a toasty warm backyard waterpark?

In fact, just think of the joy they’ll experience when they get to invite their friends over for a winter pool party!

They’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

Increased Home Value

Whether selling is a potential down the line, or you simply want to enhance the value you see in your home, adding a backyard swim spa may be the perfect solution.

Not only will it help enhance your time at home, driving up your enjoyment and improving the value you find in your time at home, but it quickly raises the resale value of your home.

Swimming, Resistant Training, and Joint-Friendly Fitness

Forget making the drive to the gym while the roads are covered in snow, only to discover all the lanes of the pool are occupied.

Make the most of your workout by creating a reliable at-home gym you’ll never have to share!

Not only will you save the drive time, but you’ll get to workout on your terms while looking forward to that blissful hydromassage to help your overworked muscles recover afterward!

And if you think a swim spa is only for swimming, think again! From running against the current, lifting weights, or even moving through a yoga flow, you can do it all in the warmth of your swim spa!

The Ultimate Convenience to Keep You on Track

One of the powerful benefits of a swim spa is its ability to help keep you on track simply by making fitness effortlessly accessible!

No more will you have to psych yourself into getting up early and making the drive to the crowded gym.

Gone are the times when you talk yourself out of going to the gym after work.

Because with a backyard swim spa, you can simply step out your back door and into its bubbly depths, moving your body the way you want to each day, free from prying eyes, and free from unnecessary barriers to overcome!

backyard swim spas - swim spa on deck surrounded by trees

Backyard Swim Spas For Every Lifestyle

Now that you’re thoroughly envisioning your life with a backyard swim spa, let’s get into the real reason why you landed on this article; to find the perfect swim spa for your lifestyle!

Luckily, there are a variety to choose from, and at Ace Swim & Leisure, we carry models from one of the leading brands in the industry, Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas, ensuring you’ll find luxury with every moment spent in the water.

Let’s dive into four models that complement various lifestyles.

For Young Families

The J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa

First up, the swim spa model with the most seating options: the J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa.

This compact model has the smallest footprint of all Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas at 150” by 93”, making it perfect for backyards of nearly any size.

While compact, this spacious model will feel massive once you’re in its welcoming depths, boasting seating for eight, with four therapeutic corner seats and two unique benches along either side of the spa.

With its Soft Stride Mat, you’ll never have to worry about your kids slipping while in the water, its gripped surface ensuring they can easily maintain their footing as they play.

Perfect for the whole family, the PowerPlay®️ CX swim jets deliver a current that’s perfect for beginners, ensuring the current is as good for a leisurely morning swim as it is for building your children’s confidence in the water.

If your goal is to transform your backyard into a luxury oasis for your family, the Jacuzzi®️ J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa should be at the top of your wish list.

For The Competitive Swimmer

The J-19 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge to help you master your breaststroke, look no further than the J-19 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa.

This 19-foot model offers an expansive swim area, free of obstructions, so you can enjoy a powerful, reliable swim no matter what style you’re swimming that day!

Featuring Adjustable PowerPro™️ PX swim jets, you’ll discover a swim current that can easily be tailored to your swim level, with speeds suitable for beginners and pros alike.

To ensure every swim is reliable and buttery smooth, the SteadySwim™️ buoyancy jet helps to keep your body perfectly aligned with the swim jets, while the distinct shell design keeps reflective waves at bay.

Paired with the Soft Stride Mat, moving through the workout of your choice with confidence will be a breeze, while the twin hydrotherapy seats tucked into one side promise a rejuvenating massage afterward.

If you’re looking for something that promises a challenge even as your strength grows, the J-19 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa is sure to meet your every need.

For The Fitness Enthusiast

The J-19 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa

Not training for a triathlon by still passionate about your fitness routine? The Jacuzzi®️ J-19 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa is here to please!

Featuring the same sleek design as the model above, this backyard swim spa boasts the perfect environment for a challenging workout while keeping your kids engaged as they ride the wave on a bodyboard.

Outfitted with the same buoyancy jets to keep your body aligned, paired with the powerful PowerActive™️ AX swim jets, you’ll discover a smooth swim that’ll keep your heart pumping.

With its multi-level design near the swim jets, you’ll enjoy building some bodyweight workouts into your routine, from lunges as your foot holds firm to the Soft Stride Mat, to step-ups.

This backyard swim spa offers far more than a premium workout experience.

Embrace soothing relief as you whisk your loved one into the welcoming waters for some quality one-on-one time. Turn on the illuminated waterfall and multi-colored LED lighting to set the mood as you reconnect after a busy week.

If you’re looking for the complete package, the J-19 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa will make your dreams a reality!

For The Self-Care Guru

The J-16 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa

Last on our list is a model that quickly transforms from a compact fitness extraordinaire to a cozy self-care oasis in a matter of minutes: the J-16 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa.

This 16-foot model is small enough to fit into the majority of backyards while boasting a spacious swim area.

Effortlessly enter and exit the spa using the built-in steps and Soft Stride Mat, while the 48” exercise bar keeps you steady as you move through some balance-focused workouts.

Wrapped in captivating ProEndure™️ Cabinetry featuring a ProTouch™️ Control Panel and Status Indicator Light to show the status of your spa at a glance, this model is as stunning on the outside as it is inside.

While the powerful jets ensure every swim remains a challenge, the jet-lined seats expertly hug your body, lifting the weight from your joints and providing a deep-tissue massage from your neck to your calves.

The J-16 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa will truly become your favorite way to end the day, whether it’s with a swim or a therapeutic hydromassage; the choice is yours.

Backyard Swim Spas in Rochester and Northern New York

Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas have plenty to offer, boasting innovative designs and powerful features. Their depths promise an unparalleled experience each time you step into the water.

At Ace Swim & Leisure, our team of experts is passionate about revolutionizing your time at home, creating unique spaces that bring your vision into reality and breathe new life into your daily routine.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, stop by one of our four locations across the Northern New York area, including Rochester, North Greece, and Webster, and your friendly local experts will help you find a swim spa that seamlessly complements your lifestyle.

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