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The 8 Top Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool brings hours of enjoyment to you and your family. Whether you’re simply relaxing poolside or are splashing in the water, every day is made better by a little bit of pool time.

But, did you know there are numerous health and lifestyle benefits associated with pool ownership?

Let’s take a look at the top reasons to own a swimming pool and swim regularly.

1. Benefits Your Health

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your overall health. It improves your cardiovascular health, strengthening your heart and your lungs.

2. Offers Low-Impact Exercise

Unlike jogging and other higher-impact activities, exercising and stretching in the water is low-impact. With way less pressure on your muscles and joints, you can work harder and see faster results.

3. Improves Mobility

Swimming and underwater exercise are excellent ways to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.

The ability to move freely in the water means you can stretch and use your limbs more effectively. Over time, that translates into an increased range of motion.

4. It increases your strength

Swimming is a full-body exercise and, when done regularly, will increase your muscle tone and overall strength. You can also perform other strengthening exercises like squats or bicep curls.

The natural resistance provided by the water of your pool makes your muscles work harder, but without any strain.

5. It relieves stress

Did you know swimming has a positive impact on your mental health? Seventy-four percent of swimmers agree that getting in the pool relieves stress and tension, a recent survey found.

More than two-thirds of those surveyed also said swimming had a positive mental impact and helped them feel good about themselves.

6. It’s ideal for family time

Swimming and playing in the pool are both ideal ways to spend time with your family. No matter how old your kids or grandkids are, they’ll enjoy their pool time with you.

It eliminates that “what should we do today?” question that often pops up when deciding how to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with family.

You can make a day of it by swimming, playing games in and out of the water and barbecuing your meals, and eating outdoors.

7. Helps kids become confident in the water

If you have young children, nothing accelerates their swimming abilities like daily practice. A pool eliminates the stress of packing swimsuits, towels and other paraphernalia and traveling to your local beach or sports center.

With your own pool, swimming practice can be held in the privacy of your own backyard, eradicating the distractions that come with sharing a public facility. It can also be done according to your schedule be it morning, afternoon or evening.

8. It offers low-cost entertainment

If you enjoy playing host to friends and family, but have trouble thinking of new ways to entertain, look no further than your pool. Everyone loves a summer pool party.

Other than extra towels, all you’ll need is a stockpile of cool drinks and food for the barbecue.

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