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The Incredible Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has so many health benefits. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to list them all in one piece of writing. It has become a favorite recreational activity for people of all ages. Many people now have above-ground pools, along with pool accessories, in their homes so that they could derive the maximum pleasure and benefits out of swimming. In this post, we have covered some of the most prominent health benefits of swimming. Knowing these benefits will definitely urge you to leave everything else behind and install a pool in your backyard!

Let’s have a look at these incredible health benefits of swimming.

A Whole-Body Workout

While in the gym, different activities are performed to strengthen different parts of the body. When it comes to swimming, it’s often referred to as a whole-body workout. Major muscles of our body actively take part when we swim. As a result, your muscles will often become toned and even stronger.

Ideal for Weight Loss

When we swim, our body burns more calories as compared to when we take part in most of the other major sports. Therefore, swimming can be termed to be an ideal activity for weight loss. Apart from shedding those extra pounds, swimming can also help to tone muscles and ultimately help you achieve the figure you always wanted.

Strengthens Cardiovascular System

Aside from enhanced physical fitness, swimming can provide numerous other health benefits. This includes improved cardiovascular health. As per studies, our heart rate decreases by ten beats per minute when we swim. Thus, it improves blood circulation without your heart having to exert extra pressure. As a result, the health of the heart improves.

Swimming is also associated with improving the health of our lungs. As it increases our lungs’ capacity, there is a reduced risk of suffering from various breathing disorders, including asthma. In addition to that, it can also assist in controlling blood sugar and lowering blood pressure.

Post-Injury Healing

For athletes who have injured themselves on the field or while training, swimming is said to be the ideal form of keeping their physical fitness intact throughout the recovery process. It may also help to provide relief from pain and speed up the recovery process.

Many physiotherapists will have their patients swim in a pool on a regular basis to help strengthen and stretch their muscles and joints. As a method of healing and relaxation, a physiotherapist may also have their patient soak in a hot tub for an in-depth hydrotherapy session.

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A Healthy Option for Those with Disabilities

Since swimming is considered a low-impact exercise, it’s quite suitable for those with certain disabilities. This is due to the buoyancy of the water. The buoyancy lifts up to 90% of your body weight while relieving added pressure from the world around you. This can prove to be quite beneficial for those who suffer from mobility issues, disabilities, or even those with constant aches and pains.

Furthermore, elderly individuals, pregnant women, and those who are overweight and find it difficult to perform other exercises can also benefit from the comfortable environment of the refreshing water.

Swimming Pools in New York

These are certainly some of the most remarkable health benefits of swimming. To maximize your backyard experience, invest in some quality pool supplies from a renowned pool supply store, like Ace Swim & Leisure. For people who have above-ground pools in their homes, it is advised to properly maintain and regularly clean them. Not maintaining and cleaning them can reduce the health benefits of swimming in those pools up to a great extent.

To learn more about maintaining a safe and comfortable backyard pool installation, visit one of our New York pool and backyard living dealerships today. We have four locations, including two in Rochester, one in Webster, and one in North Greece.

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