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Heating Your Home This Winter – Your Complete Guide

Winter winds and frigid temperatures shouldn’t translate into exorbitant utility bills.

If you’re looking for better and more efficient home heating solutions, as well as some hacks on how to maximize your home’s heating potential, our tips can help.

First, let’s take a look at some of the best home heating options on the market today and how you can decide which one is right for your home.

1. Heating Your Home with a Gas Fireplace

These contemporary fireplaces are perfect for any homeowner who wants to add a cozy touch to their home. A chimney isn’t necessary with direct vent gas fireplaces. Instead, venting can be installed through a wall or the roof, giving you the ability to add a gas fireplace to practically any space in your home.

Gas fireplaces are also a very safe and convenient option, especially for homes with children or pets. They are also low maintenance. There is no actual fire burning, so creosote and ash aren’t produced — and that translates into no build-up and less maintenance.

Installing a gas fireplace can also help you save a lot of money each month, especially if electricity is your primary heat source. If you decide a gas fireplace is for you, Regency Fireplaces are perfect for a modern home, while Hampton stoves offer a more traditional look.

2. Enjoy a Traditional Wood Burning Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They offer a beautiful focal point to any room, are environmentally friendly, and offer different aromas depending on what type of wood you choose to burn.

They often cost less to operate than a gas fireplace and, when used regularly, will result in cheaper utility bills during the winter.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to wood-burning fireplaces is that they’re not impacted by power outages. You can stay warm and cozy no matter how long the power is out.

Regency Fireplaces has some wonderful options that work with virtually any home style. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something sleek and modern, Regency has you covered.

3. Improve Your Space with a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves are a convenient way to heat your home while cutting utility bills. These home heaters offer simple ignition and the ambiance of a wood fire without the mess.

Working at an average of 90% efficiency, pellet stoves don’t take up a lot of room in your home.

These easy-to-use heating units require you to load pellets and then ignite the flame — that’s it. If your stove has a large hopper, you may only need to load it once a day. Pellets create less ash and creosote than firewood, and there is a minimum of smoke.

Regency has some great sleek and modern options, while Hampton and Harman offer more traditional and ornate units. No matter what style you’re looking for, you’re sure to find one that matches your style.

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4. Explore Our Cast-Iron Fireplaces for Sale

Cast iron is tough and durable, ensuring your stove will last for a long time. Your home needs a chimney for a wood or pellet-burning cast-iron stove to be installed, but not for a gas model.

A cast iron fireplace is an affordable option not only because of its cost but because it effectively accumulates and releases heat, lending warmth to any room. Some units can even be connected to heating and water supply systems.

  • Installation is straightforward because of its small size. It does not require a foundation, making it an easy addition to any room.
  • Hampton offers some amazing cast-iron gas stoves that operate on natural gas or propane.

Top 7 Bonus Tips for Efficient Home Heating

Aside from choosing an efficient heat source for your home, there are a few other things you can do to lower your utility bills. They are:

  1. Ensuring your home is properly heated begins with proper insulation — If you live in an older home, or your house simply isn’t retaining enough heat, adding extra insulation to your walls can translate into a lot of savings over time.
  2. Replacing old windows — Old or inefficient windows can allow a lot of heat to escape your home. Installing new windows can help eliminate drafts that make your heating system work harder.
  3. Using a programmable thermostat — A programmable thermostat makes it easy to save on utility costs without sacrificing comfort. These thermostats allow you to create schedules that automatically adjust the heat based on your needs. For instance, you can set the temperature to be 64°F when you’re at work, but 70°F when you’re at home.
  4. Using a humidifier — Winter can make the air in your house quite dry. That is not only bad for your skin but also for your utility bill. That’s because dry air doesn’t retain heat. Adding a humidifier to your heating system can make a huge difference.
  5. Let the sun in — Did you know that opening drapes and blinds to allow the sun’s rays into your home can save you money? That’s right, the sun is a great free heat source, so take advantage of it whenever you can.
  6. Minimize fan use — Kitchen and bathroom fans are great for getting rid of unwanted smells, but they also suck up warm air. Use the fans only when necessary and don’t leave them running for long periods of time.
  7. Check your air vents — All too often furniture can shift slightly over time to partially or totally cover an air vent. Who wants to pay to heat up the back of their couch? Do a quick check periodically to make sure all of your vents are offering unrestricted warm airflow to your home.

Heating Your Home with Ace Swim & Leisure

Whether you’re looking for a new stove or some tips on how to make your home heating more efficient, Ace Swim & Leisure can help.

As the provider of high-quality stoves and fireplaces, we’ve been helping area residents stay warm and toasty for more than five decades.

Drop-in for a visit at any of our four locations to learn more about Harman Stoves, Regency® Stoves, and/or Hampton Stoves for your home.

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