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Heating Bills Blowing You Away?

Heating Bills Blowing You Away?

Discover pellet heat! It’s an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money, and help the environment!

Declare Your Energy Independence!

When you purchase your pellet fuel for the heating season you are essentially locking in your heating costs. Most fuel is made regionally so you are not at the mercy of oil companies or foreign oil producers.

Heat For Less

With projections in the prices of heating oil and gas continuing to rise, and fuel supplies uncertain, pellet heat provides a reliable, cost-effective alternative. Pellet heat is safe, warm, and convenient. We encourage you to join the thousands of homeowners throughout the Northeast United States taking advantage of this efficient and renewable heating source.

Homeowners are burning pellets for both supplemental and whole-house heating. With the price of oil and gas on the rise, many homeowners are recouping their initial investment in the stove within a few heating seasons.

Pellets are less expensive than firewood in most areas of the country, including the Northeast United States, and they are many times more convenient. The rising costs of fuel and insurance have even affected loggers and firewood suppliers. The result has been escalating prices of $200+ per full cord of wood.

The Zone Heating Advantage

Pellet stoves are called “zone heaters” because they warm the area within the room and around the stove rather than the perimeter wall like most central heating systems do. This is a very comfortable and energy-efficient way to heat because the stoves maintain a warm and cozy living area with cooler outlying bedrooms for sleeping. Each Harman pellet stove is equipped with a convection fan that draws in cool air at the base of the stove which is then heated before reentering the room. This warm air assists in creating natural convection loops which enable a single stove to heat a large area. In addition, radiant heat from the stove warms you like the sun on a cold winter day. By using a stove for zone heating in place of your standard fossil fuel central heating you may save up to 25% of your annual heating costs, according to some industry experts.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Pellet stoves can be installed on almost any outside wall using a vent kit similar to a dryer or be installed into an existing chimney. Since heat output can be precisely controlled, pellet stoves will work equally well in small rooms or large areas of your home. They produce a steady, even heat output and require refueling only once or twice per day. Furthermore, you will not waste fuel to heat your home when unnecessary because Harman stoves are thermostatically controlled.

Continuous tending of the stove is unnecessary as the Harman pellet stoves automatically feed fuel into the burn pot. Storage of pellets is also easy as one ton of 40-pound bags takes up an area approximately 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 5 ft high.

Cleanest Alternative

Pellet stoves are much cleaner burning than even the best wood stoves on the market. Very little smoke is produced from pellet stoves which greatly reduces dangerous soot deposits in the flue system that can lead to chimney fires. Pellet fuel produces very little ash so cleaning is much less frequent. Finally, pellet fuel comes in sealed plastic bags and is sterilized during the extrusion process. This means that mold and fungi commonly found on wood logs are absent, helping to avoid potential allergy issues within your home.

Homeowners who replace their wood-burning stoves with pellet stoves are amazed at how easy it is to control room temperatures and how convenient and trouble-free pellet stoves are to operate.

Warm Your Home Not The Planet!

Wood is a renewable resource. Most pellets are made from 100% wood waste material from lumber mills and furniture manufacturers. Using pellets helps to reduce the costs and problems of waste disposal as wood is diverted from landfills and converted into pellets for home heating.

By recycling this wood waste into clean-burning and high heat value fuel we are helping to reduce our own over-dependence on fossil fuels.

Pellet stoves burn very cleanly and offer the lowest emissions of unwanted pollutants of any solid fuel-burning appliance. Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellets are good for the environment because they do not generate the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Global Warming and the Biomass Alternative

There is no simple solution to global warming, but using biomass fuel is one way to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your dependence on gas and oil for home heating. Biomass fuel is “carbon neutral,” meaning that it does not add carbon in the form of CO2 to the biosphere in the same way that fossil fuels do. Biomass pellets can be made of wood, bark, grass, brush, and seeds. The fuel is usually locally grown and is a renewable, clean-burning energy source.

Using biomass for heating is a worldwide trend and one of the most cost-effective alternatives to oil and gas. Right now, thousands of homeowners throughout the Northeast United States are heating with pellet stoves. It has proven to be an economical and effective way to warm homes and businesses, alike. The Harman Stove Company is constantly innovating and coming up with new stoves and central heating systems to meet the demand for convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use biomass heaters.

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