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Top 6 Myths About Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs are often seen as luxurious leisure products, which can contribute to the reason why not as many homes having them in their backyards. When in reality, hot tubs have become more and more affordable and attainable, offering many wonderful health benefits and helping create a more social backyard. This myth that they are unattainable products is one of many that we hear from time to time, which we are going to dive into within this article.

What Do People Say About Hot Tubs?

The most commonly spread myth is that hot water tubs are too expensive to maintain. They cite that the energy required to pump the water and keep it well filtered is very high and costly. There are others who even include the prices of extravagant models to those of modest models just to scare people off with the high figures.

This can be misleading, especially for those looking to purchase. Other myths include stories that the water causes reddening of the eyes and skin irritations, while the truth is that with proper care and maintenance techniques, that your skin and eyes will be left alone. There are those who also believe that the more jets, the better your experience. However, this is also false. Some believe that a hot tub can be installed on grass, while others have heard that professional service isn’t required.

To summarize, the top 6 myths about hot tubs include:

  1. Expensive to maintain
  2. Expensive to operate
  3. Expensive to purchase
  4. Irritated skin and eyes
  5. The more jets the better
  6. Spas can be installed on the grass
  7. Professional service isn’t needed

Now, let’s debunk these myths – shall we?

What Is the Truth?

Myth #1: Expensive Maintenance

First off, hot tubs are not always expensive to maintain. There are energy-efficient models that reduce the work and water care products used. For instance, the CLEARRAY® Water Management System uses ultraviolet technology to eliminate bacteria from the water. This is an all-natural process that greatly reduces the amount of water care products needed to maintain the clarity and safety of the water. All you have to do is change the bulb once or twice a year depending on your unit.

Myth #2: Expensive to Operate

As for operational costs, many modern hot tubs, including those from the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Dream Maker Spas brands, come equipped with environmentally-friendly systems that enable you to run the hot tub on an eco-friendly mode. Combined with premium insulation and a quality hot tub cover, you’ll soon find that operational costs are low and affordable.

Myth #3: Expensive to Purchase

There are many hot tubs to choose from in the modern market, available in many different price ranges. Purchasing a hot tub doesn’t have to be an unaffordable process, especially with many spa dealers offering financing plans. All you have to do is communicate your budget to one of the specialists at your local hot tub store, such as Ace Swim & Leisure, and they will work with you to find a hot tub within your budget.

Myth #4: Skin and Eye Irritations

As we mentioned above, the modern water care management systems found in most modern hot tubs will cut down on the number of chemicals used to maintain the water. Combined with properly maintained water, users shouldn’t experience any skin irritations or red eyes. If that does happen, the water likely needs to be treated, the filter needs to be cleaned or a repair is required.

Myth #5: More Jets the Better

Quality over quantity, especially when it comes to the jets in your hot tub. Too many jets that are too harsh or too soft can result in a sub-par experience. While having fewer jets that provide a more customized and enjoyable experience tends to be the better choice. Not to mention that the jets found in each Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Dream Maker Spa are strategically placed to target some of the most stress-prone areas, it’s a win-win!

Myth #6: Spas Can Be Installed on the Grass

Your hot tub should not be installed on the grass, but rather on a solid platform. We recommend a strong deck that can evenly support the weight of a fully-filled spa, patio area, or concrete slab. Alternatively, they can also be installed below the ground, which requires a certain construction and installation process. If installed on the grass, you risk your hot tub sinking or not being properly supported.

Myth #7: Professional Service Isn’t Needed

If you aren’t a mechanic, you wouldn’t perform all of the maintenance on your car, would you? We hope the answer is no. While most hot tub owners are familiar with the basic day-to-day maintenance needs of their hot tubs, such as cleaning and water treatment, other tasks such as inspections, water changes, and component repair should really be facilitated by a professional.

Ace Swim & Leisure

Do you often wonder what it would be like to own a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Dream Maker Spa, but are held back by discouraging myths you’ve heard? Worry not, because we have the best information prepared for you. On our blog, we have it all explained in great detail – so be sure to stop by and take a look. You can also contact us here at Ace Swim & Leisure and get to speak to a professional who will answer any questions you might have. Get the right information and get yourself a hot tub.

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