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Pool Shock Guide – How To Shock Your Swimming Pool Easily

Whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool, you’ve probably heard of a pool maintenance item known as pool shock.

Pool shock is a powerful pool cleaning agent that people typically use to prepare their pool for opening or to get rid of algae buildup. The main substance in shock is chlorine, however, it’s different than normal chlorine.

Pool shock has higher doses of chlorine than the tabs you put in your filter basket. Shock, compared to chlorine tablets, dissolves into your pool almost instantly, whereas tablets disperse chlorine over time.

There are several reasons you may need to shock your pool. One of the biggest reasons to do so is to eliminate algae. Algae accumulate when your water conditions aren’t optimal. Algae can even grow in the coldest months.

Though algae growth in your pool’s water may be a little unappealing, it’s nothing to worry about too much.

A good shock treatment can clear it up in a few days. You may also need to use a pool shock treatment to reduce bacteria, after a heavy rain, or to clear up bound chlorine molecules.

After shocking your pool, your water may turn green, often due to a large number of metal particles. However, the green color should go away after a short time.

Can I Use Too Much Shock?

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t possible to use too much shock in your pool as long as it doesn’t have a vinyl liner. Using too much shock may result in a brief down period of your pool. A pool that’s been recently shocked can cause skin irritation, bleached clothes, and a bleached pool liner.

If your pool’s liner is made of vinyl, you’ll need to be careful about using too much shock.

To avoid vinyl damage, you can mix shock with water in a bucket and make sure it’s completely dissolved before adding it to your pool.

This will help the granules mix into the water better. You may also want to invest in pool shock products made specifically for pools with vinyl liners.

Do I Need to Add Other Chemicals?

After using a shock treatment, it’s best to give your pool a break from other chemicals and use it for a couple of days.

Shock will drastically change the chemistry of your pool and you’ll need to wait to test your water. It’s important to adjust your pool’s water after a shock treatment because it will help to maintain your water and deter further algae growth.

To make sure your pool doesn’t grow algae anymore, try to keep your water pH around 7.3 and your chlorine levels at 1 to 3 parts per million. If you take these steps, you’ll likely never see algae growth again.

Pool Shock & Maintenance In New York

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