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How to Exercise in a Hot Tub

If you ever feel the exercises you can do at home are too bland or easy, you can always give your hot tub a try. A hot tub workout is something that can prove to be full of fantastic exercises. With the buoyancy and resistance of the water, the hot tub water provides a perfect medium for some great exercise. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of exercising in the water and exactly how to do it!

Why Hot Tubs Are Great for Fitness

Hot tubs provide a fantastic environment for the body to exercise. The temperature of the water makes the entire bodywork faster while offering many additional health benefits besides exercise. Blood flows at higher speeds along with cells and muscles being more active. The heightened activity means that the exercise will have a greater effect on your body.

Furthermore, water provides more resistance towards movement as compared to air. The increased resistance means that the body has to work more in order to perform normal tasks. It’s a more strenuous method of exercising that obviously provides better results. Considering these advantages, a hot tub is a perfect place for water-based exercises.

Here are some exercises you should try out in your hot tub:

Toe Pushes

Pushing your toes against the walls of the tub is a very simple and effective exercise. The greatest benefit from this particular exercise is seen in the calf muscles of the body. To do it perfectly, you need to assess the place where your toes feel the most comfortable and place them there while in a comfortable seated position.

Arm Crossovers

After comfortably placing yourself on your seat, you need to spread out your arms with the palms facing downwards for minimum friction. Crossover your arms repeatedly while alternating which arm comes on top. This exercise has a marked effect on your forearms and core.

Side Leg Extensions

Once more, you need to be in a sitting position with your legs stretched straight in front, touching each other. Spread out your legs to their respective sides and bring them back, while keeping your body as relaxed as possible – all while sitting up completely straight and flexing your abdominals for an extra burn.

Leg Lifts

By steadying yourself with some support, lift your outstretched legs together until the toes come out of the water. The legs should not be apart and need to be as close together as possible. This exercise is perfect for all of your leg and abdominal muscles.

Bicycle Kicks

For this exercise, you simply need to sit on the edge of your seat and pedal in the water as if you were pedaling on a bicycle. Start off slow and increase the speed of your pedaling with time. This move can help strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and legs.

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