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4 Things To Do While Waiting For Your Hot Tub Delivery

Good things come to those who wait.

This old saying couldn’t be more relevant to those who are on the waiting list for a hot tub. If you’re looking for some ways to fill the time while waiting for your spa to arrive, why not think ahead to all of the things you’ll need and want to complement your spa with?

Now is a great time to shop and purchase your accessories and really prepare your spa installation area. That way, once your installation is complete, you’ll be able to dive right into spa ownership.

Here are the accessories you should consider for your upcoming hot tub installation.

1. Find a Matching Hot Tub Steps

If you haven’t already purchased steps for your spa, now is the time to do so. Hot tub steps are not only a convenience but a safety feature as well.

These non-slip steps make getting in and out of your spa a breeze and are especially helpful for children, the elderly, or those who don’t have long legs.

2. Get a Cover and Cover Lifter

A hot tub cover really is a must-have accessory for any spa. It keeps your water clean and protects your hot tub from the elements. While a cover is an investment, it saves you money in the long run.

Not only does it protect your jets and other components, but it also traps the heat inside your spa, eliminating the cost of re-heating your water. If you have pets or children, a cover is a valuable safety feature. Once they’re locked, not even the most determined child can open them.

A cover lifter is also a good idea. It saves you from heaving and hauling your cover on and off each time you want to use your hot tub. If nothing else, a cover lifter is an investment in the health of your back.

3. Illuminate Your Installation Area

Whether you simply want to add more ambiance or you need extra visibility for night-time dips, lighting is a great addition to any spa. If you’re looking for some easy DIY lighting that won’t break the bank, you should consider twinkle lights or hanging lanterns.

Twinkle lights can be used in a variety of ways. If your spa is being installed on a deck, you can wrap twinkle lights along the railings. An overhead canopy looks magnificent if your spa is under a pergola or in a gazebo.

If your spa is being set up on a patio, you can use the lights to decorate nearby trees or string them overhead using trees as an anchor.

Hanging lanterns powered by batteries are an even easier option. You simply hang lanterns wherever you want some extra light and you’re good to go.

4. Invest in Robes or Towels

When exiting your spa, nothing feels quite as luxurious as donning a plush robe or wrapping yourself in a thick, fluffy towel. If you plan to use your spa year-round, you’ll appreciate having a warm velour or velvet robe to slip into.

Not only does a warm robe make your trips to and from your spa more comfortable, but it’s also something you’ll be able to use in the house as well. If you’re not a robe person, thick, high-quality, cotton towels really can’t be beaten.

Choose a bath sheet-style towel and you’ll be enveloped in warmth as though you were wearing a robe.

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