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What is the SmartTub™ System?

With the new introduction of smart technology, enjoying your personal spa truly could not be easier! In the past, if you wanted to soak in your hot tub, you would have to manually fuss with the controls. Constantly hopping in and out of your hot tub could quickly become an inconvenience, sapping you of your pleasure when you use your spa. However, with the SmartTub™ System, you can now manipulate the controls of your spa with a convenient app on your smartphone. Without a doubt, the SmartTub™ System has added an extra element of enjoyment to your nightly dip in your personal spa!

What You Need to Know about the SmartTub™ System

If you’ve ever wondered how the experience with your hot tub could be improved, then the experts behind the SmartTub™ System had you in mind when they designed this incredible technology. The SmartTub™ System provides a simple and straightforward way to control certain aspects of your hot tub, allowing you to adjust the temperature, control settings, and even get helpful how-to videos at your fingertips.

Of course, that’s not all you can do with the SmartTub™ System. You can also check energy usage on your app, allowing you to see how much has been used during a certain period. The app will also notify you if your hot tub needs repair or service, then help you connect with your nearest service center. You can also connect with customer support, which means that you’ll be able to get immediate customer service when you need it. If any issues with your SmartTub™ System do arise, you can quickly notify us of them, allowing us to expedite our care and service of it for you.

How to Enjoy Your SmartTub™ System

There’s really no limit to the many different ways that you can take advantage of having the SmartTub™ System installed into your backyard hot tub! One of the key benefits of having a hot tub is reaping all the perks of hydrotherapy. This type of soothing treatment has been shown to help relieve any deep muscle and joint aches and pains. With this innovative control system, you can turn on the jets from your mobile device and ensure that the temperature is exactly where you want it. So, when you’re ready to soak, so is your hot tub.

Do you have a question about your spa or feel like you could be making better use of it? There are many informative resources and videos available to you on the app. Give them a watch, and then use the information that you’ve learned to better your experience.

Hot Tubs in Rochester, Webster, and North Greece

Have you ever heard of the SmartTub™ System, or is this your first time reading about it? To learn more about how the SmartTub™ System can greatly improve your life, click here!

If you’ve ever considered investing in getting a personal hot tub, then equipping your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub with the SmartTub™ System is absolutely the way to go! To learn more about our hot tubs for sale or to view our clean and bright showroom, please come visit us here at Ace Swim and Leisure in Rochester, Webster, and North Greece. Our friendly and experienced sales team is looking forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about the SmartTub™, or any of the other products and accessories that we have for sale here!

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