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Top 5 Most-Common Hot Tub Problems

Owning a hot tub should always be a wonderful experience that is most special to you. You really want to maximize the amount of time you spend in there, as it is such a cool way of relaxing your body after a long day. However, a hot tub is a machine, and like all machines, it may require a repair, maintenance or an upgrade from time to time. Luckily, these are problems that can be looked into and rectified either at home by you or by professionals who specialize in these kinds of repairs.

Things That Are Likely to Seem Off

The most common problem is when your water does not warm up. So instead of having a hot tub, you only have a tub. This could be very frustrating, especially when you are just looking to enjoy a soak in the hot water. On summer days, cold water can pass, but not on other days with less heat.

Other times, the problem might be that the jets just won’t work. The jets in the hot tub are responsible for giving you a relaxing massage while in the water. Missing out on this is always a huge bummer. Problems such as a noisy pump, dirty water that is foaming and has a bad odor are also commonly reported. There are other times when the control panel reads error codes. This is an indication that something is not right and needs repair.

What Is Causing All These Problems?

When your water temperature remains cold or is alternating between cold and warm, then there might be circulation blockages. This might also be as a result of a faulty water pump, heater, thermostat, and heat sensors.

It could also be coming from having a dirty water filter. For the jets that are not working, there could be a clog inside. Debris accumulating in the passages makes them faulty. It might even be as simple as topping off the water. Either way, if you aren’t completely sure of what the problem is and how to fix it, we do recommend speaking with a professional.

Ace Swim & Leisure

If something isn’t working quite right with your hot tub, give our team of experts at Ace Swim & Leisure a call. Our team members are experienced, knowledgeable and completely professional. For quick and efficient hot tub advice in Rochester, give us a call today.

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