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The Best Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home

For the majority of Americans, the house they live in is the most valuable asset they possess. So it’s natural to want as much money as possible when they come to sell it!

Are you in a similar position right now?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear there are numerous ways to add value to your property before putting it on the market. With the right approach, you can generate more interest, maximize the sale price, and end up with more money in your pocket as soon as you find the right buyer.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the very best ways to do it. Read on to discover a selection of effective methods for boosting the value of your home in 2022.

1. Make Energy-Efficient Upgrades

If there’s one sure-fire strategy for enticing would-be buyers and raising the asking price of your home, it’s making energy-efficient changes to the property.

After all, newfound efficiency means one thing: financial savings.

Doing whatever you can to reduce energy consumption will bring down those monthly utility bills in the process. As you’d expect, that’ll be a major plus-point from a thrifty buyer’s perspective.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do it:

  • Invest in modern appliances with a higher energy-rating
  • Adding weather-stripping to your doors
  • Using LED bulbs throughout the house
  • Replace old windows with modern triple-glazed ones, or
  • Install newer/higher-quality insulation in your attic

2. Add Solar Panels

Sticking with the energy theme for a moment, another idea is to install solar panels on your home.

Remember, we live in a world that’s increasingly focused on matters of sustainability. The result? Things like solar panels (which reduce your home’s carbon footprint) have become highly attractive to eco-conscious buyers.

Yet there’s an attractive financial element to powering your property using the sun as well.

Reducing your reliance on non-renewable grid energy lowers your energy bills in the process! This is particularly true in sunny parts of the country, where some homeowners with solar panels are even selling their surplus energy back to the grid.

Needless to say, both benefits of solar panels make them a winning addition to the property from a buyer’s perspective. They’ll be willing to pay more for it as a result.

3. Install Smart Technology

Smart technology is starting to take off in popularity. From smart refrigerators to TVs, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a standard part of modern life! If you can get ahead of the curve by giving your property a smart makeover, then you’re sure to get peoples’ attention and boost the value of your home at the same time.

Of course, you’ll likely take most individual pieces of smart tech with you when you leave. So it’s things like smart lighting and smart security systems that’ll make the biggest difference in terms of value. As permanent fixtures, they’ll be appealing assets that won’t go unnoticed.

4. Add a Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and/or Swim Spa

You’ll struggle to find anyone in America who doesn’t want a property with a swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa! And who can blame them?

These household additions facilitate fun, exercise, and relaxation, among others. Highly desirable, they raise both the real and perceived value of your home in an instant.

It’s important to make sensible decisions though. First, hot tubs, spas, and swimming pools aren’t cheap. Yet they must also tick certain boxes if they’re to increase your home’s value by the maximum possible amount.

For best results, make sure they match the current aesthetic of your home and blend into your backyard (if that’s where you’re installing one). Opting for built-in/in-ground models is always a good idea too, as is adding stairs, a pergola, deck, and/or patio area around the outside.

Feel free to contact us today if you’d like any advice on this topic.

5. Increase Security

Nobody wants to purchase a property that seems vulnerable to break-ins.

By the same token, though, homes that boast impressive security systems become immediately more attractive! This is particularly true in locations where the crime rate is less than ideal.

Ask yourself whether it’s time to update your home’s security. From installing a high-tech burglar alarm and adding exterior lighting, to upgrading the locks on your doors and attaching shutters to your windows, there are all sorts of possibilities here.

Trust that any steps you take to augment your home’s security will boost its value in the process!

6. Repaint the Walls

Sometimes the best ways to increase a property’s value are the simplest. Case and point?

Repainting the walls!

Whether you redo the interior or exterior (or both), it’ll give the space a new lease of life. Likewise, modernizing outdated color schemes and getting rid of any peeling paintwork will make the space much more visually appealing too.

Both of those potential benefits are important for making a strong first impression with buyers (and, by extension, securing more money from the sale).

As for the colors you choose, take our advice and stick to neutral tones throughout.

Just because you love bright orange doesn’t mean everybody else does! Remember, in your bid to attract a buyer, you need the home to appeal to as many people as possible. Shades of cream, off-white, grey, and magnolia tick that box every time.

7. Add a Bedroom

Nothing adds value to your home quicker or more effectively than adding another bedroom! It opens the door to larger families. Not only that, but it also enables buyers to rent out the room and earn some passive income from it.

Run a quick audit of your current layout. Is there any potential to turn an unused room into a bedroom? Maybe there’s an office upstairs, a large storage area, an old nursery, or even an attic you could renovate?

Whatever the case, going to the effort of converting it could prove fruitful.

Better still, it might be simpler than you think. Remove the current furniture, redecorate the walls, add a desk and a bed, and voila, you have a brand new bedroom! You can then market your property as a 4-bedroom house instead of a 3-bedroom, and so on.

8. Build a Deck

A deck is a prime example of something that has both practical and aesthetic advantages at home.

You can sit outside on warm summer evenings, invite your friends over for BBQs, and drink your coffee in the morning sun. The fact it’s made from beautiful wood is the cherry on top!

If your house doesn’t already have one outside, then consider building one (or paying a professional to do it for you). Want to kill two birds with a single stone? Boost the value of your home even further by installing a hot tub on your brand new deck as well.

We can almost guarantee budding buyers will take one look at your pristine wooden deck with a hot tub on top and be willing to pay a little extra.

9. Improve Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling your house for the best price, it’s worth remembering that people are more judgmental than they’d like to think! Whether we’re meeting someone new or looking around a property for the first time, snap judgments are to be expected.

That’s why it’s worth spending some time and money on enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Trust us, looks matter. From mowing the front lawn and trimming the hedges to repainting the post box, front door, and picket fence, these minor aesthetic alterations make a big difference. You’ll pique peoples’ interest from the outset and pave the way to a winning first impression.

10. Upgrade the Backyard

From the buyer’s perspective, there’s nothing better than looking outside to see a pristine backyard. Your picture-perfect lawn and well-kept flower beds send all the right messages.

It suggests you’ve taken equally as good care of the property’s interior too.

If it’s been a while since you donned your gardening gloves, then, now might be a sensible time to do so. Clear any twigs and leaves off the lawn, mow the grass, and plant some fresh flowers to liven up the area. With some elegant lighting, seating, and water features thrown in for good measure, you’re sure to delight anybody who comes to view the house.

And that, in turn, should lead to a healthier price tag to boot.

Boost the Value of Your Home in 2023

Millions of people sell their houses in America every year. However, it’s safe to say that only a small percentage of them receive as much money for their property as they could have done!

We hope the insights and ideas in this article will help you avoid the same fate. Keep them in mind, put them into practice, and you should be one step closer to getting the offers you’re looking for.

Did you find the information in this post useful? You’ll find more like it in our blog. If you’d like expert support choosing a swimming pool, hot tub, swim spa, or patio to boost the value of your home, then contact one of the team at Ace Swim & Leisure today!

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