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Revamp Your Outdoor Hot Tub Installation In 6 Simple Steps

Is your outdoor living space in dire need of a makeover? Does your hot tub need a facelift?

If you answered yes, you’re in the right place. Our experts have compiled their best tips and suggestions on how to refresh your backyard.

Read on and be inspired!

1. Refurbish Your Spa

If you’ve owned your spa for a few years, you may find it’s looking a little dated or in need of a deep clean. Rather than shelling out money for a brand new hot tub — especially if yours is still working well — simply improve the aesthetics.

Some minor exterior upgrades such as refinishing the wood cabinet exterior or replacing the cover can make a world of difference. Finish off by giving your spa a good cleaning and your hot tub will look good as new.

2. Upgrade Your Spa’s Efficiency

You might be surprised what a difference a few new parts can make to the running of your hot tub. Your hot tub filter should be replaced every three to five years — more often if you don’t clean your filter on a regular basis.

Replacing old or abused filters will make it easier to keep your spa clean. If your hot tub is more than seven years old, it may be time to upgrade your spa pack.

The pack includes your control panel, spa pumps, the heater, the blower (if your hot tub has one) and the Ozonator. Updating your spa pack will help your hot tub to perform at its optimal level, increasing your enjoyment and significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

3. Add Some Wow Factor

Constructing a wooden pergola over your hot tub not only enhances the look of your backyard, but it also has many practical uses as well.

A pergola makes a great sunshade and helps protect you from the rain while also adding elements of privacy. You can leave it open or choose to lattice in one to three of the sides.

If you don’t have the budget for the required lumber, you can opt for a metal canopy or a metal frame with a fabric top and curtains. Both give you added privacy with a touch of pizzazz.

4. Add Elements of Green

Nothing is quite as inviting as green grass, so be sure to keep your lawn mowed, watered, and fertilized for a lush look. Adding some pots of greenery around your spa area lends tranquility to space as well.

You can opt for shrubs, palms, hostas or ornamental grasses. You can add a splash of color with your pots if you wish, or stick to neutrals with stone urns or wooden crates and barrels.

If it’s time to update your hot tub installation, you really can’t go wrong with any of these ideas. Decide which ones will work best for your space. Happy renovating!

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