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Pump Will Not Prime

Make sure there is water in the strainer pot on the front of the pump

  1. If empty
    1. Check pool water level, it should be at least ½ way up the skimmer on the inside of the pool. (If too low, there may not be enough water flowing through the skimmer, allowing air to be pulled into the filtration which may build in the strainer pot on the pump, the filter tank, or elsewhere in the system.
    2. Make sure any shut-off valves on the filtration system are in the open position
    3. Clear strainer basket of debris from the skimmer on the pool and from the strainer pot on the front of the pump.
    4. Tighten the strainer pot lid on the front of the pool pump.
    5. If the filter system has more than one intake to the pump (ie there are main
    6. Turn off the pump and inspect the line from the through the wall skimmer to the front of the pump as well as the seal around the lid on the top of the strainer pot on the pump for leaking water.
      • (Pools with underground plumbing such as in-ground pools may need to be checked by pool maintenance professional with pressure testing equipment).
      • If the pump is left on the pump will pull air through any leaks in the system rather than water pouring out from pinholes, bad seals, etc.
    7. If no visible leaks, close off the intake to the filter system at the thru the wall skimmer and plug off the return to the pool. Try changing the pump lid o-ring on top of the strainer pot on the pump.

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