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Planning the Perfect Poolside Date Night

Whether with a long-time partner or a new love, the number one thing many of us want with the person we choose to spend time with is the ability to have a good time together. Especially when the temperatures start to get as hot as our dates, the best way to entice them to linger just a little bit longer is to find a way to keep them cool in the heat. With Ace Swim & Leisure, we have pretty much everything you need for planning the perfect evening by the pool.

The Secret Is Ambience

Steer clear of the obvious and over-done date nights with a poolside evening with your love interest. The key point to getting there, however, is first ensuring you have one of the best above-ground pools available. With the cooler brimming with ice and a few delicious drinks cooling in anticipation of your date, having the ideal spot ready to make an impressive splash can help your companion feel more at ease. Make sure that the area is very clean, either through the effective use of pool chemicals to eliminate algae or even using a net to make sure debris is nowhere to be seen when it comes time to make your move. Everybody knows that nothing shuts the mood down faster than slimy water or sticky leaves.

Having some gentle background music playing, such as their favorite artist, group, or band, or something that makes you both feel energized, can go a long way towards setting a relaxing mood. As the sun goes down, having tiki torches or citronella candles handy can help keep the mosquitoes at bay, all while casting a pleasant glow on the environment. Picking out a few easy finger foods, such as a nut and fruit charcuterie, will prevent tummies from growling while assuring anything that lands in the water are easy to fish out. Of course, never underestimate the sheer luxury of plush, soft towels for when it comes time to dry off, warm up, and move it indoors.

Breaking the Ice

Whether you have known them forever or are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other, it helps to have some fun things available to keep the interest flowing. Providing some basic pool accessories available can help the date go smoothly and aid in the transition of a good evening into a great night. A few floating tubes can permit you to keep your head above the water while enjoying some excellent conversation. To bring out their playful and competitive side, engaging in a game can prevent any lulls or awkward silences. A beach ball, diving rings, or even a couple of squirt guns can keep the silliness going and allow for a stronger intimate bond to form with your date.

Above-Ground Pools in Rochester, North Greece, and Webster

If all of this sounds like a really awesome time and has lured you in the direction of planning a long-anticipated date with that certain someone, please do not hesitate to check out our blog for more ideas that are sure to help get the party started. Our sales staff at each Ace Swim & Leisure location, including Rochester, Webster, and North Greece, would be happy to help you figure out everything you may need to keep that perfect pool date going for all hours of the night.

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