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4 Outdoor Décor Tips for Spring and Summer

Is your backyard in desperate need of some sprucing up? Even if you don’t have a large budget, there are some easy and lovely ways to give your outdoor space the refresh it so desperately needs.

Read on for some great tips on making over your backyard on the cheap.

1. Lighting

String lighting is a great choice for lining your pool, garden, deck, or walkway. White LED string lighting blends naturally with its surroundings when not in use, making it a popular choice. You can choose from a variety of colors if you want a more dramatic look.

If however, you prefer to highlight particular elements, landscape lighting is the way to go. These low-voltage lights can be used to light up your gazebo or gardens. They can also be used to shine on trees or to highlight stone walkways or paths.

Floating pool lights also look great, particularly for evening pool parties. One popular variety is the floating LED ball light. These lights are usually color customizable and offer a soft glow that is easy on the eyes.

2. Natural Privacy

If you truly want to relax in your hot tub or pool, privacy is paramount. That doesn’t mean you need to build large fences, however. Instead, why not let nature do the work for you?

A wall of shrubs or trees is a beautiful way to enhance your landscaping while also ensuring your privacy. Choosing trees or shrubs that don’t lose their leaves not only ensures year-round protection but keeps you from scooping leaves out of your pool.

Some of the best options include evergreens such as spruce, thuja, and cypress. If you don’t want the hassle of planting trees, another option is to plant tall ornamental grasses or bamboo.

3. A Bird Bath

A birdbath adds far more than architectural interest to your outdoor space. It attracts a variety of beautiful birds to your yard and gives you something lovely to look at while relaxing in the hot tub or lounging poolside.

No matter what style of bird bath you choose, placing it in a flower or shrub garden is a good option for containing splashes and spills. If you choose a solar bath, you’ll need to place it somewhere it will receive a lot of sunlight.

Lastly, be sure to place the birdbath near a water source so you don’t have to carry water to it every day.

4. A Fire Pit

What could possibly be a better balance for water than fire? A fire pit or outdoor fireplace will add warmth to your yard as well as a beautiful focal point. There are a large variety of portable fire pits that don’t cost the earth.

Choose a design that works with the overall theme of your backyard; be it modern, country, or traditional. Once you’ve decided on your fire pit, create a seating area around it so you can enjoy evening campfires with family and friends.

When choosing a location for your fire pit, be sure it isn’t near any structures or under a roof.

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