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6 Most Effective Swimming Pool Exercises & Stretches

If you are looking for the most effective swimming pool exercises, you have landed at the right place.

In this post, we have covered some of the most effective swimming pool exercises and the ways you can perform them.

Before starting with the exercises, first ensure that you have access to quality pool supplies and helpful accessories available.

These pool accessories and supplies can help you derive maximum benefits from swimming.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most effective swimming pool exercises.

1. Flutter Kicks

This one is simply splashing water with your legs.

  • To perform this exercise, you will have to hold on to the edges of the pool and splash water by kicking your legs rapidly.
  • The key here lies in speed.
  • The faster you move your legs, the better results you will obtain.
  • However, while performing this exercise, try and keep your legs underwater for better results.

2. Sidestroke

This exercise is suitable for swimmers who want to cover long distance while swimming without exerting much pressure on their body.

  • To perform this exercise, the swimmer is required to lie on either side of their body.
  • They are then required to move their legs and arms in an asymmetric position.
  • This particular exercise doesn’t require them to put much pressure on different parts of the body, such as the knees, lower back, and shoulders.

3. Butterfly

This exercise helps swimmers to strengthen their back muscles, abdomen, chest, arms, and triceps. Furthermore, it also improves the flexibility of their body.

  • To perform this exercise, a swimmer is required to be on their chest and keep moving their arms at the same time, along with doing the butterfly kick.
  • The butterfly exercise requires extensive exertion.
  • However, it is worth the hard work since it can help swimmers to burn around 800 calories in one hour.

4. Dolphin Kick

Dolphin kick is an ideal exercise that can help to strengthen your core.

  • To do a dolphin kick, hold a kickboard to outstretch your arm.
  • If there is no kickboard available, you can clasp your hand in front of you to get into the position.
  • Once you have maintained this position, the next step to do is to tighten your core muscles and push yourself forward by moving your body in a wave-like motion.
  • To do this, keep your hips high and push your chest downwards and then do the reverse.

5. Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises is another effective swimming pool exercise that can help to burn lots of calories.

  • To do this, grab two pool weights or pool noodles and lift them up and down.
  • Keep your arms straightened out to perform this exercise.

6. Noodle Press-Down

Imagine the scene of an action movie where the protagonist is pushing down the antagonist in the water to take their revenge.

  • You will have to do the same to do this exercise but with a slight change.
  • Instead of an antagonist, you will have a noodle at your disposal, which you need to push down till it reaches your leg.
  • Once it has reached your legs, release it and repeat.

Enjoy Swimming Pool Exercises in Your Very-Own Pool

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the most effective swimming pool exercises.

Not only are these exercises great for your health, but they are also a lot of fun.

Some of these swimming pool exercises do require the use of certain supplies.

If you are performing these exercises in your own swimming pool, make sure you are getting quality supplies from a renowned pool supply store.

At Ace Swim & Leisure, we have a wide selection of above-ground pools and pool accessories for sale.

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