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Keep Your Home Warm and Energy Bills Low

Keeping warm during the chilly months, without spending a small fortune on high utility bills, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Ace Swim & Leisure has been in the home-making industry for more than 55 years, bringing heat and comfort into the homes of New Yorkers. Our home heating solutions are industry-leading, offering a wide selection of gas and cast iron fireplaces that serve to transform any home into a warm and cozy haven. A sturdy fireplace will keep your home warm and help you to maintain your heating budget during the colder months.


Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable energy source. This means that it does not produce emissions and has a zero carbon footprint. Top-of-the-line wood-burning appliances, like the Heatilator® Eco-Choice™ products, reduces your heating bill, and are generally better for the environment. The Eco-Choice stoves are EPA-certified, easy to maintain, and provides a cleaner burn.


Cutting energy costs may be a big reason why fireplaces have become a more popular heating source. Firewood costs considerably less than a soaring electricity bill and wood-burning appliances, like the Hampton® stove, serves as a stylish way to cut home heating costs. Hampton® offers cast iron stoves and fireplace inserts that are both ageless and handcrafted, with a rich porcelain finish that adds a touch of class to each piece.

Energy Independence

Instead of leaning heavily on utility companies, you can take matters into your own hands by providing your own fuel source. Property owners, with a heavily wooded property, would receive the extra benefit of having an endless supply of firewood. As a consumer, you can take responsibility for your own fuel source and how much you pay for heating each month.


A cozy fire can definitely set a mood in your home. The right type of heating appliance can set an ambiance that very few other appliances can, with an instant dreamy escape, as the fire crackles and the natural heat melts away the cold. A cozy fireplace is also a great way to gather the family or spend a romantic night with your loved one, in front of a romantic roaring fire. With Ace Swim & Leisure, you have a variety of options, such as an open hearth, fireplace insert, wood stove, or even a pellet stove.

Find Your Style with Ace Swim & Leisure

Find the right heating appliance for you and your family at Ace Swim & Leisure. Our store is stocked with top-of-the-line heating appliances, such as Regency® Fireplace Products, Harman™, Heatilator® Eco-Choice™, and Hampton® Cast Iron Fireplaces. With helpful and friendly staff who are always willing to assist, Ace Swim & Leisure has built a strong reputation, that spans more than 55 years of excellent service. Our four locations can be found throughout New York, including Winton Place, Webster, Chili, and Greece. To find your perfect heating appliance, visit the Ace Swim & Leisure website today.

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