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Is It Time to Replace My Ozone Generator?

Have you had your Ozonator on your spa for several years now? Is it time to replace your ozone generator? Keep your hot tub at its cleanest and clearest by replacing your Ozonator and venturi injection system after 3-5 years.

Benefits of Using Ozone

Ozone destroys bacteria, molds, mildew, spores, yeast, fungus, deactivates viruses, cysts, and destroys oils and other contaminants in the water. Ozone will reduce the need for high levels of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Significantly reducing maintenance costs on chemicals, filters, pillows, and covers. Ozone aids in the removal of minerals such as iron and manganese. Ozone leaves no unpleasant chemical taste and is less corrosive than chlorine. Ozone dissolved in water will not irritate skin, nose, or ears. Nor will it dry out or leave a chemical film on the skin and hair. Ozone does not affect the pH balance of the water like traditional chemical treatment methods.

How it Works

Many ozone generators utilize corona discharge technology to produce ozone. Ambient air passed through the Corona Discharge sub-assembly, which generates a very high voltage electrical charge. When air comes into contact with the electrical corona produced, (O2) molecules, forming ozone (O3). The resulting atoms (O1), seeking stability, attach to other oxygen molecules, forming ozone (O3). The output gas is injected into the water, where the ozone in the gas deactivates contaminants by actually rupturing the micro organism’s cell walls. Purification occurs at the point of contact between the outside sphere of the ozone bubbles and the contaminants in the water. When the bubbles rise to the water’s surface, the ozone degrades back into oxygen, leaving no harmful by-products whatsoever.

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