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How to Compliment Your Pool with Patio Furniture Perfectly

Nothing enhances your pool more than a comfortable outdoor living area. Having the ability to kick back and relax or eat meals poolside can really enhance your enjoyment of your pool. Buying outdoor furniture is a great investment in the enjoyment of your backyard, but only if you purchase items that work for your space and your lifestyle. We have some useful tips to help you choose items that will work for your space.

Measure the Area

The first step in designing your outdoor living area is considering the amount of space you have and how it is shaped. Is your patio or deck wide with ample space or is it small and narrow? Measure the area and record its dimensions, especially if you are working with a smaller space. Have the dimensions of your space and a tape measure on hand when looking at furniture to ensure the pieces you love really will work. Be sure to factor in the space you will need to walk easily around your furniture.

Consider Your Environment

Taking your environment into account when choosing your furniture will ensure you pick items that complement your surroundings. If your furniture is being placed on a deck or patio, then your options are almost endless. If you plan to place your patio set and other furniture on the grass, avoid wood and metal furniture. Moisture from the ground can, eventually, cause wood to rot and metal to corrode.

Set a Budget

Decide how much you want to spend before you start shopping. There is no point in falling in love with a patio set that you can’t afford. Have a top number in mind and only look at items that fall under the top end of your budget. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. Patio furniture with an insanely low price point will likely provide you with a less-than-desirable experience.

Comfort and Style

When shopping for patio furniture, be sure to choose items that are both attractive and comfortable. Try out all of the furniture before making a purchase. Chaise lounges and recliners are great pieces to invest in, as are chairs and couches with high-quality padding and pillows. Patio umbrellas offer shade from the hot sun as well as a splash of color to brighten up your space. Patio fire pits are another way to add style to your backyard. Not only are they attractive, but a fire table can also add ambiance whether you are hanging out by the pool with your family or enjoying an evening gathering with friends.

Ace Swim & Leisure

We are confident these four tips will help you achieve the backyard of your dreams — within your budget. Need additional advice? Contact Ace Swim and Leisure. From pools and hot tubs to the perfect patio furniture and accessories, we offer everything you need to make your home summer-ready. We are always on hand to offer advice or answer questions. Shoot us an e-mail or call any of our locations to speak with one of our experts.

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