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How to Buy a Billiards Table for Your Game Room

When it comes to buying a billiards table, the sheer number of styles and features can make it a bit overwhelming. Do you go with a traditional table, or something more contemporary? Do you want the wood finish to match your existing décor? Never fear! In this article, we cover the four most important questions to ask yourself before buying a billiards table for your game room. Interested? Read on to find out more!

1. How Will You Use It?

First things first. To get the most out of your billiards table, you need to figure out how it will be used. Are you a pool shark that enjoys playing often? Will your kids use it to learn how to play? Will your guests use it during parties?

Figuring out the different ways that you plan to use your billiards table will help point you in the right direction when it comes time to selecting the perfect table for your game room.

2. Where Will You Put It?

Once you decide how your billiards table will be used, it’s time to discuss placement options! First, make a list of all of the possible locations that your new pool table could call home, like the basement, garage, or game room. Ideally, your billiards table should be placed in a room that you spend a lot of time in so that it’s in a prime spot for regular use.

But the most important factor for deciding on the placement of your billiards table is that your target location is big enough to fit it!

3. Is it the Right Size?

Since most billiards tables are built to “regulation size”, meaning that the length is usually double the width. For example, a table that is five feet wide will be 10 feet long. Billiard tables come in a variety of different sizes, so determining the optimal size is critical to ensuring that it fits into your table’s planned location.

When choosing a billiards table, you’ll want to also plan for an additional five feet of space around each side of the table to ensure that nothing will impede your ability to get the perfect shot!

4. What’s Your Budget?

Billiards tables can have a HUGE price range between basic and high-end models. When deciding your spending limit, it’s a good idea to review your answers to question one above about how you plan on using your billiards table.

If you want professional-quality play, then you’re likely going to want to set your budget to match the price of most mid-to-high-end models. If you plan on enjoying some casual play with friends or your kids, then chances are you won’t want to risk scratching the surface of a high-end table, so you can set your budget to suit a more basic model.

Billiards Tables for Sale in New York

Now that you know how to choose a billiards table for your game room, it’s time to buy the one that’s best for you! For help finding the right one, visit or call our experts at Ace Swim and Leisure! Our wide selection of Olhausen Billiard tables can be tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle!

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