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How Hot Tubs Can Help Heal Sore Muscles and Joints

Whether you work a normal office job or are engaging in physical activity on a regular basis, getting sore muscles is something natural and is bound to happen. A person gets sore muscles when the muscle fibers tear because of overexertion or unexpected position changes. Sore muscles can impede daily tasks and cause big problems in the long run if not treated. Getting rid of sore muscles can be done in a number of ways. One of the best (and our favorite) ways, is by soaking in a hot tub.

Read on to learn how soaking in your hot tub for as little as 20 minutes can have a lasting effect.

Reducing Sore Muscles

Hot water massages the body and helps nourish the skin and the muscles. Massaging the muscles using water is considered hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy utilizes a combination of buoyancy, massage, and temperature to add an added effect to the sore muscles, ultimately helping to revive them.

Here’s how it works:

The buoyancy lifts added pressure and weight from the body, allowing it to relax and rest. While in a state of pure relaxation, the heat of the water helps to improve circulation and boost the production of positive endorphins that help reduce feelings of physical pain and anxiety. Not to mention that the heat feels good, especially while being massaged into the most stress-prone areas of your body, including the upper back, neck, and shoulders, via the powerful hydrotherapy jets.

But, let’s look at these wonderful properties in a little more detail…


The buoyancy of the water helps relax the muscles and makes them heal faster as well, by lifting added pressure. In fact, the buoyancy of the water can help lift up to 90% of added weight from your body! Now that’s what we call giving your body a well-deserved break! The best part about buoyancy is that the effect happens as soon as you submerge your body into the water.


The hot water massages your body with help from the advanced and truly powerful jets. The massaging has a very relaxing effect and decreases the pain caused by tension, tightness, and soreness. Instead of having a professional masseuse charge you to massage your muscles, just soak them in a hot tub instead. Or better yet, have your significant other join you in the water for a nice, gentle shoulder rub.


The temperature has a major effect on the body. The increased temperature of the water can help improve the circulation of your bloodstream, helping oxygen reach various parts of your body. Not only is your circulation improved, but so are the healing and positive endorphins that, as we mentioned above, help to reduce feelings of pain and anxiety.

These three factors help the body recuperate after being stressed out, making hot tubs a very effective method of healing sore muscles.

When Should I Soak in My Spa?

Going immediately into a bathtub after exercising can run the risk of inflaming your muscles. The muscles are already hot and worked up, and one more push can lead to them being overworking and becoming inflamed.

You need to wait at least an hour before you jump into your spa. Taking a hot tub bath before the exercise can also reduce the stress that accumulates afterward. However, if you do use a hot tub before the physical exertion, remember to keep yourself hydrated more than normal.

For those who aren’t planning to use their spa after exercise, one of the best times to soak the stress away is about one to two hours before bedtime. Not only will it help your body to feel better, but it can also help you enjoy better sleep!

Hot Tubs in New York

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