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Your Personalized Guide to Buying a Hot Tub In New York

If you’re looking for a way to relax year-round in your outdoor living space, a hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.

No matter what the weather, a spa is a wonderful place to unwind and de-stress. If you want to enjoy your spa time to the fullest, however, not just any hot tub will do.

Purchasing a high-quality unit from a reputable dealer can be the key to your long-term satisfaction.

Considering size, shape, and amenities is also important.

To help you find the spa that’s right for your family, we’ve put together a hot tub guide of the top things to keep in mind once you begin your search.

1. Setting a Budget

Before hopping on the Internet to check out your options, it’s important to have a budget in place. A budget not only helps you focus on affordable options but can also keep you from wasting time on models that are above your price range.

A good budget should actually consist of two figures: your ideal price and your maximum price.

While the goal is to find a spa within your ideal price range, having extra money left over allows you to add options or accessories that you really want.

2. Working With the Space You Have

The place you choose to install your hot tub could be a deciding factor in the size or style of spa you purchase. Before you start shopping, be sure to have a location picked out so you know what your options are.

Start by choosing a spot that isn’t near any overhead power lines and allows access to your hot tub equipment panel.

Once you have a spot in mind, take a few pictures with your phone and then measure it and record the dimensions.

This will help your local hot tub dealer to give you some good suggestions on what size and style of the spa will work best for your space.

3. Choosing Your Spa

Once you’ve got a budget in place and know where you want your hot tub installed, it’s time to start shopping.

Focus on hot tubs that are the right size for your space and that fall within your price range. If you have a tighter space to work with, there are a lot of amazing two-seat options available.

If you have more space, a four-seat unit is great for accommodating the average family while a six-seat spa is perfect for large families or those who want to entertain.

Size aside, pay attention to the features each spa offers. If you want a lounge seat, for instance, then focus your search only on spas that provide that.

4. Seek Advice

Your local hot tub dealer is well-equipped to help you in your quest for the perfect hot tub. Aside from providing them with info on the installation area, it never hurts to give them a wish list of features you want your spa to have.

This can help your dealer to match you with the best options for your budget, space, and personal needs.

Ace Swim & Leisure

If you’re ready to shop for hot tubs in New York, get in touch with us at Ace Swim & Leisure.

As the provider of the best hot tubs in the area, our goal is to help our customers purchase the perfect spa for their needs.

Whether you want to speak to one of our experts about which spa is right for you or to stock up on hot tub accessories, drop in for a visit at any of our four locations. We’re always happy to help.

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