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Can I Hang a TV Over My Fireplace? 4 Best Tips

Hanging a TV over your new fireplace can seem like a natural choice. It looks great and enhances the focal point of your room.

There are several factors you should take into consideration before mounting your television.

Our valuable tips will help you decide if installing your TV above the fireplace is the right choice for you.

1. Temperature

A typical flat-panel television can usually withstand temperatures of up to 100°F.

The amount of heat your fireplace transmits upward will depend on the type and style you purchased, as well as how the unit’s blower directs the heat and how far out your mantle extends.

You can do a quick and easy temperature test by taping a thermometer to the spot where your TV would hang. Let your fireplace run for several hours before checking the temperature.

If it remains below 100°F, it should be safe to hang your TV there. If the temperature reaches or exceeds 100°F, however, you should find a new spot for your television.

2. Viewing

The height of your fireplace and mantle could make mounting a television above it a real pain.

Literally, staring upward at your screen is bound to make your neck sore but, if your heart is set on installing your TV above your new fireplace, there is a simple solution that does not include a visit to the chiropractor.

A full-motion mount with vertical movement capability allows you to pull your TV down to eye level when you’re using it.

This not only saves you from a stiff neck, but it also fixes any picture quality issues that arise from staring up at a screen.

If your fireplace is in use when you want to use the TV, you may need to adjust the temperature or turn it off to avoid heat damage.

3. Warranty

Heat and soot damage will void your television’s warranty so if you do decide to hang your TV above your fireplace, you should choose a wide mantle.

The thicker and further your mantle extends outward, the better protected your TV will be from rising heat and the damage soot and smoke can cause.

4. Wiring

If you’re planning to hang your TV above your mantle, be sure to have the proper wiring installed at the same time the fireplace is being put in. Include cables for blu-ray or DVD players and your home theatre system as well.

While it’s possible to have electrical and transmission wiring put in after the fact, it’s a much more difficult and costly job when contending with brick, stone, or marble fireplace surrounds.

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