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Our showroom in Webster, conveniently located on Ridge Road, is your destination for affordable hot tub prices from world-renowned brands like Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Dream Maker Spas. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will be happy to help you select the perfect make and model to suit your unique lifestyle and budget. If a pool is more your speed, we also carry a selection of high-quality above-ground swimming pools that are durable, offer all-weather protection, and are corrosion resistant to ensure your investment lasts for years to come. After taking an invigorating dip in your hot tub or pool, you can sit back and relax on luxuriously comfortable patio furniture. Our wide selection from top brands like Homecrest, Jensen Leisure, Alfresco Home, and more makes finding the perfect patio or outdoor dining set to match your décor a breeze. You can also take relaxation to the next level with our selection of patio firepits. Not only do they create the perfect ambience for entertaining, patio firepits also help extend the usability of your outdoor space, as they can help keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Just because the winter season rolls around, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the fun indoors! We offer a range of premium billiard tables and gas fireplaces to transform your living room or rec room into a luxurious gathering place for friends and family. The addition of a gas fireplace can even help improve the usability of your living room, basement, or den! Visit our showroom in Webster today to make all your backyard (and indoor) dreams come true!

Originally established in 1840, the town of Webster has blossomed into a bustling community, bordered by Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay. Much of the town’s history is still intact today, like the historic Village of Webster where many original buildings still stand. The Webster Museum also has a range of displays, some of which rotate quarterly, dedicated to the town’s long history. With a motto like “Where Life is Worth Living”, it’s no wonder why residents and visitors alike seem to fall head over hills with Webster’s rich history and beautiful natural landscapes. Many residents take pride in creating their own gorgeous landscapes at home, from brightly-colored gardens and perfectly manicured lawns to complete backyard paradises and home spas. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your outdoor space, visit our showroom in Webster today to get started!


  • When my pool pump stopped working one day, I looked up pool stores near me and found Ace Swim and Leisure. I called to see if they had the part I needed, and they said yes and invited me to come down. When I arrived, I was pleased to see their extensive selection of above-ground pool supplies. I’m a pretty handy guy and have repaired my pool before, but I had never replaced a pump. The team member I dealt with already had a few pumps set aside for me and explained how to go about replacing my old pump with the new one. When I got home, I was able to grab the right tools and replace it without issue and without having to call in a professional. Definitely recommend visiting Ace Swim and Leisure.

    Brandon W.

  • I wanted to surprise my husband for our 20th anniversary with a new Jacuzzi hot tub for our backyard. We had always talked about getting one, so I went to Ace Swim to explore their selection. They had a bunch on display and the staff walked me through them, explaining the various features and benefits. I was surprised at how knowledgeable they were about all of their hot tubs and spas. Both my husband and I have back pain, and I have arthritis in my knees. They explained how the different types of jets work to massage your whole body and help provide pain relief and other benefits. They even offered to have me do a wet test so that I could make sure the Jacuzzi I chose was perfect for us. They were very helpful, and I highly recommend Ace Swim if you’re looking for hot tubs and spas.

    Paulette A.

  • I bought my pellet stove from Ace Swim. I wanted the one I bought to be very energy efficient but powerful enough to heat my open-concept rec room in the basement of my house. When I went there to look at the fireplaces and stoves, I was impressed by their selection and they were also extremely helpful in helping me find the best pellet stove for my home. We installed it just before winter last year and it really made a difference. Our rec room is always the perfect temperature now and it helped reduce my monthly energy bill too.

    Ed A.

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