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How to Have a Warm Winter with Harman Stoves

Winter is a magical season, leaving glistening bundles of crystals on the ground and somehow quieting entire cities.

For some, this makes this season their favorite as they bundle up and head out to enjoy the snow. Others, however, prefer to take this time to curl up under a cozy blanket and watch the snow fall from inside, avoiding the chill it brings.

There’s nothing that elevates winter evenings more than adding a HarmanTM stove to your favorite room to brighten up those dark winter nights.

If you’ve been considering adding a stove to your home, this article is for you!

Below, you’ll discover why HarmanTM stoves are a highly desirable solution for many and how these pellet stoves can help turn up the heat this season.

HarmanTM Stoves – The Basics

HarmanTM stoves have been designed to make adding a stove to your home an easy decision.

With their impressive durability and minimal maintenance requirements, they’re a great option for both new stove owners and longtime owners looking for an update.

HarmanTM stoves come in two distinct styles:

  • Pellet Stoves
  • Pellet Fireplace Inserts

These stoves come in various models, each with its own design, with some being more traditional while others are chic, contemporary units.

This makes them an easy addition to any home, ensuring there is a style for every aesthetic, ranging from cottage core to ultra-modern.

These pellet stoves are versatile, freestanding units, making them ideal for rooms that could use a little warmth, easily fitting into an open corner to complete a space.

Their fireplace inserts are ideal for people who have existing built-in fireplaces, easily transforming your room into a space you can get excited about again!

What is a Pellet Stove?

A pellet stove is one that uses small pellets made of compressed wood or sawdust as fuel, creating an eco-friendly way to heat up your home.

These stoves are not as widely known as traditional wood stoves, however, they are a powerful option that makes heating your home easy and predictable.

Pellet stoves have a slow feed design, essentially meaning that pellets are continually added to the burn pot, making it easy for your stove to maintain your desired temperature.

Traditional wood-burning stoves can be tricky to control, often leaving you sweating shortly after stoking them, only to be searching for a sweater a couple of hours later.

Pellet stoves, on the other hand, ensure your room maintains a steady temperature all day long by adding pellets throughout the day each time the temperature begins to drop.

Top 5 Benefits of HarmanTM Pellet Stoves

As mentioned above, pellet stoves make it easy to maintain the temperature of your home, keeping it at your desired temperature without you needing to constantly monitor it and add wood like you would with a traditional wood fireplace.

While this is enough for many people to make the leap over to a pellet stove, there are various other benefits that make them so alluring.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that pellet stoves create less ash than traditional wood-burning fireplaces?

Pellet stoves burn at a steady rate, not only producing a reliable heat output but also thoroughly burning through each small pellet that drops into the burn pot.

This means your stove will release fewer contaminants into the outside air when it’s running, minimizing the environmental pollution they produce.

Additionally, the pellets these stoves use as their fuel source is made from sawdust.

While many people will sweep up any sawdust in their workshop and throw it out, causing excess waste, pellet stoves help reduce that waste, turning it into fuel instead.

With that said, you can’t simply throw loose sawdust into your pellet stove. However, each time you add pellets to your stove’s hopper, you’ll be reusing natural materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill wrapped in a plastic bag.

2. Save Your Money

While both wood fireplaces and pellet stoves can help minimize your heating bills throughout the colder months of the year, pellet stoves help save you money in more ways than just that.

When fireplaces begin to drop in temperature, they burn through additional amounts of wood to bring their temperatures back up to where you’d like them. This means you go through extra wood each time you have to stoke your fire.

Pellet stoves are able to maintain one temperature all day long, resulting in less fuel being needed to heat your home. This can save you a significant amount of money each year, reducing the costs of fueling this stove throughout the colder months.

HarmanTM stoves also save you money through tax incentives depending on where you live.

Older wood stoves produce a higher rate of air pollution, affecting not only the air outside as the smoke escapes your chimney but also the air quality inside your home as well.

This is why there are tax rebates you can claim when switching over to an updated pellet stove. These stoves burn cleaner, better maintaining the air around you, and effectively reducing the amount of pollution being added to the environment.

3. Energy Efficient

Wood pellets are able to produce high levels of heat in a short amount of time, making it easy to bring your stove temperature up into your desired range.

Wood pellets have very little moisture in them because the wood is so tightly compact. This ensures that the entire pellet burns equally, and you’re not left with pellets that are burning poorly or producing excess smoke.

The pellets aren’t the only thing that makes these stoves more energy efficient than traditional fireplaces. Their design also helps minimize their energy demands.

These stoves are designed to only add more pellets into the burn pot when necessary, dropping small amounts in at the opportune time to keep its temperature steady.

This ensures they produce a predictable and comfortable amount of heat without requiring excessive amounts of pellets, unlike gas or wood fireplaces.

4. Safer to Use

While traditional fireplaces can become hot to the touch, requiring safety gates to be placed around them, pellet stoves produce far less heat on their surface.

Of course, you’ll still want to ensure no one touches the outside of the stove, but their lack of surface heat makes them safer to have in homes where children or pets are present.

Additionally, these stoves provide more control over their burn because pellets are slowly added in a controller manner, ensuring your fire never burns too hot.

5. Easy to Use

If you’ve ever tried lighting a wood-burning fireplace, you know how difficult it can be to get the logs burning brightly.

Pellet stoves make starting up your fire easy, making them suitable for everyone.

Simply add the pellets to the hopper, set your desired temperature on the control panel, turn it on and wait for the heat to begin filling your room!

Heat Up Your Winter with A HarmanTM Stove from Ace Swim & Leisure

Whether you love spending time in the snow and want a cozy way to warm up when you walk in the door or simply want to maximize the comfort of your home and enjoy the golden hue of the flame, a HarmanTM stove can be the perfect addition to your home.

With four locations throughout New York, Ace Swim & Leisure is making it easy to bring back the heat this season with top-of-the-line pellet stoves.

Contact us, or visit your local showroom to explore your options today!

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