Why choose Regency?

Beautiful Home Heating Solutions

Regency Fireplace Products was founded almost 30 years ago with a mission to produce the finest fireplace products available anywhere. Regency has home heating solutions for any room in any home. Listening to our customer has enabled us to become the premium brand in the market today.

Regency Quality

The Regency name means quality in every way. The product is created and build in a world class manufacturing facility focused on getting every detail just right. Represented across North America by a carefully selected professional retail network; you can rely on knowledgeable dealers and installers who understand how to make our products run safely and to the optimum performance.

Exceptional Fire

The essence of each and every Regency fireplace is the unique flame. Without question, it's the best in the industry. With its dancing flames and glowing embers, whether its a Regency Gas or Wood unit, the burn quality looks just like a real wood fire.

Custom Styling

By researching current trends and styles we have created tasteful options and accessories that allow you to tailor the look of our fireplace to your home. Sleek and simple or grand and glamorous... your choice.

One Regency=One Tree

At Regency, we are committed to protecting our environment. For every Regency sold, we will plant a tree. Working with American Forests, the trees planted across North America will offset carbon emissions and take one more step to restore nature's balance.

Lifetime Warranty

Regency is so confident in the quality workmanship, the finest materials and durable heavy-duty construction invested in each and every product, that Regency offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Regency warranty is the best in the industry. We are absolutely sure that you will be as proud of your Regency Gas Fireplace.

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