About Us

Ace Swim & Leisure has been serving the Rochester, NY area since 1962. To this day, Ace is owned and operated by the same family that founded the company. Ace is a full service company offering the top brands of above-ground pools, spas, billiard tables, patio furniture, and hearth products. We also carry a full line of accessories for our product lines.

Ace Swim & Leisure is proud to be a member of the Sparco Distribution Network. This network has grown to become a giant multi-million dollar leader in the Leisure Products Industry. Today, there are Sparco stores throughout the Northeastern and Central United States.


Ace Swim & Leisure is also a member of:

We strive to provide the highest quality products and service, while maintaining the best prices. Our thousands of satisfied customers have made Ace Swim & Leisure their number one choice for family fun.

We invite you to browse and shop our website or any of our 4 locations for all of your leisure time needs. Click on "Locations" at the top of the page for our store locations.

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