• Oasis - Semi Inground Swimming Pool

- 7" Sturdy Aluminum Top Ledges

- 6" Aluminum Uprights

- Robust Aluminum for semi inground installations

- Strong slat wall made from space-age Aluminum

Oval Sizes: Round Sizes:

15' x 26'

15' x 30'

18 'x 33'

18' x 40'

18' Round

20' Round

24' Round

28' Round

ESP Advantage:

Enhanced Structural Polymer Components

  • More uprights on every pool, resulting in a stronger top ledge that offers maximum stability.
  • Oversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System, providing a long lasting foundation that continuously stands up to heavy weight and corrosive soil conditions.
  • Exact-Fit Components, no universal components that leave extra holes open, all parts are made specifically for one size pool.  Resulting in pool components that lock out corrosion.
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners, High grade stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners, eliminating the worry of rust spots on your pool.
  • Interlocking Stabilizer Rails, fits tightly over your liner and the top of the pool wall, locking the liner in place to increase the life of the pool and liner.
  • Optional Wall Saver Panel, designed to with stand stress at the point where water enters and exits the pool for filtration.

Superior construction for a semi inground installation!  Built for semi inground installation, the Oasis is our top of the line aluminum pool.

Enjoy the advantages that semi inground installation has to offer - better landscaping, convenient access and a fantastic looking pool!

We offer Highly Customizable Pool Packages:

Most pool stores give you a pool package that's already assembled.  Ace lets the customer pick and choose between the various options for liners, pumps/filters, Accessory Kits, Chemical Kits, Ladders, Heaters, etc.  This ensures that you get exactly what you want in your pool package. 


Plain Blue Blouder Swirl Mystri Outlook

{tab=Pumps & Filters}

Pentair Sand Filter

Black Diamond Cartridge Filter

2 Speed Pump upgrade

{tab=Accessory Kits}

Basic Kit

 Basic Accessory Kit


Ultra Kit

 Higher Quality Accessories


Pro Upgrade Kit

 Higher Quality Accessories and

Winterizing Supplies

{tab=Chemical Kits}

Chlorine Feeder Kit

Mineral Low Chlorine Feeder Kit

Simple Blue


Non Chlorine Kit


 A-Frame Ladder  Entry Step System  Deck to Pool Ladder

{tab=Heating Options}

 Natural Gas or Propane Heater  Solar Heater  Solar Reel for your Solarcover



 Automatic Cleaner  Underwater Lighting  Pool Fountain



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Oasis - Semi Inground Swimming Pool

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