• Admiral - Above Ground Swimming Pool


- 9" Vinyl Coated Steel Top Ledges

- 8" Vinyl Coated Steel Uprights

- Sturdy Steel Frame

Round Sizes:

15' Round

18' Round

21' Round

24' Round

27' Round

30' Round


All-Weather Protection

The top ledges and uprights on every Admiral pool undergo a state of the art protective treatment process.  In addition, they are coated with Texture-Kote.  This combination provides incredibly long lasting, all weather protection with added resistance against corrosion, scratching and damaging UV rays.  Atlantic's unique quadra fold system and bolting pattern provides maximum wall joint strenght.

We offer Highly Customizable Pool Packages:

Most pool stores give you a pool package that's already assembled. Ace lets the customer pick and choose between the various options for Liners, Pumps & Filters, Accessory Kits, Chemical Kits, Ladders, Heaters, etc. This ensures that you get exactly what you want in your pool package.

Choice of Liners:

Plain Blue Blouder Swirl Mystri Outlook

Choice of Filters

Pentair Sand Filter

Black Diamond Cartridge Filter

2 Speed Pump upgrade

Choice of Accessory Kits

Basic Kit

Basic Accessory Kit


Ultra Kit

Higher Quality Accessories


Pro Upgrade Kit

Higher Quality Accessories and

Winterizing Supplies

Choice of Chemical Kits

Chlorine Feeder Kit

Mineral Low Chlorine Feeder Kit

Simple Blue


Non Chlorine Kit

Choice of Ladders or Step Systems

A-Frame Ladder Entry Step System Deck to Pool Ladder

Heating Options

Natural Gas or Propane Heater Solar Heater Solar Reel for your Solarcover

Other Addons

Automatic Cleaner Underwater Lighting Pool Fountain



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Admiral - Above Ground Swimming Pool

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