Mira Hot Tubs are hot tubs manufactured in the USA, just south of Nashville Tennessee, following strict guidelines ensuring the highest quality standards. The hot tubs feature a wide variety of options and price ranges to fit every consumer's needs.
"Live Your Dream and Let the Adventure Begin..."
There are many different reasons why people choose to purchase a hot tub. Great therapy, relaxation, family time, romance. All of these are wonderful reasons to experience a hot tub. But one constant holds true for all buyers—the underlying goal of spending their money wisely on a hot tub that is both dependable and affordable. We at Mira Hot Tubs think we have created a line of hot tubs that accomplishes these requirements perfectly.

In designing a Mira Hot Tub, our engineers recognize the need for stringent quality control. Every hot tub must meet strict production specifications for structural integrity. Every acrylic shell is inspected for proper thickness and finish. Every pump and control system is supplied by the best manufacturers in the industry to assure efficiency, durability, and proper performance. Every jet and jet cluster has been strategically placed by our engineers to assure maximum results in therapy and comfort. And finally, every hot tub is filled and tested at our factory before it receives the Mira stamp of approval.

Mira Hot Tubs are American-made, produced in Greater Nashville Tennessee. Your purchase supports American workers and American families. But most of all, when you select a Mira Hot Tub, you will be providing you and your family with one of the finest hot tubs available in the world.

Mira Hot Tubs. Quality hot tubs at affordable prices.

Mira - 600

Mira - 610